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Welcome to the énergie group. The Énergie Group is a leading electrical installation and maintenance company based in Wanganui, but servicing all New Zealand. With over 15 professionally qualified and experienced Wanganui electricians, technicians and support staff we are leading the way in providing quality electrical services as much more, including –


  • Renewable Energy Solutions for home and business
  • Thermal Imaging Analysis and Reporting for regular Preventative Maintenance
  • Data Cabling, Structured Cabling Systems & Fibre Optic Solutions
  • Security System installations, CCTV, Remote Viewing & Recording
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Heat Pump Installations & Servicing
  • Home Electrical Reports
  • TV Aerial & Satellite Dish Installations, Servicing & upgrades
  • Ecogreen Environmental Products – Sole Suppliers in New Zealand


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Solar technology & electric car technology is a growing field of expertise that we proudly offer.



wanganui solar renewable energy

We are able to offer alternative energy solutions for your home or business.

Due to the rising costs of electricity along with the ability to harness natural resources, it makes sense to utilise alternative power generation systems.

The Énergy Group are able to give you a one-stop-shop solution to install solar PV, wind generation or with our partnerships a renewable energy design build to meet your needs.

Alongside an effective renewable energy solution is the need to improve building efficiency.

We are able to offer an evaluation of your buildings electrical consumption in lighting, heating and electrical equipment to get the most from your renewable energy solution.

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Keep an eye on what counts.

Trust the specialist security technicians at The Énergy Group to design, install, support and maintain a surveillance system that covers as much or as little as you need at you home or business.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) or IP video surveillance can play a vital role in protecting your property and assets, as well your staff or family and provides an effective deterrent against criminal activity.

The Énergy Gourp has the expertise and resources to install a wide range of security systems, from complex high security areas to the residential home installation. We take pride in providing a well trained installation team.

For all types of Intruder Alarm, Access Control, and Closed Circuit Television Surveillance systems (CCTV), as well as Perimeter Detection, Perimeter Electric Fencing and Electronic Duress Systems, contact us for professional installation and maintenance.

Security Services

  • Small to large area surveillance
  • Tailor-made for individual requirements
  • We import specialist camera equipment
  • IP Security Camera Systems – Greatly increase your chance of accurately identifying stuff – people, vehicles and events etc..
  • Covert (hidden) cameras
  • Our CCTV systems are reliable, effective and simple to use.
  • CCTV system options for remote viewing.


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Phone & Data

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Keep up to speed with the latest technologies, build a solid phone & data infrastructure.

Thinking about installing, up-grading, moving or adding-on to your phone and data system?


Whether it’s securing a competitive business environment, surfing the internet, or enjoying the latest online games, a dependable network is a critical foundation for every business or home.

Technologies are changing rapidly. Building a solid infrastructure to support all of these technologies insures your business won’t stop in it’s tracks.

We can carry out all maintenance on internal phone and data cabling systems and install data and phone points in existing and new homes and offices. Keep your home or office cables up to speed by getting your internal phone and data cables tested by Phillips Electrical.

With Belden Networking Certified Installers that have extensive experience, knowledge and skill in the maintenance and installation of telecommunications products and services as well as being equiped with industry standard tools, Phillips Electrical has your phone and data needs covered.

Contact us here to discuss your phone & data requirements

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Thermal Imaging

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The Énergy Group are proud to be able to offer Thermal Imaging Surveys to our customers.

Thermal imaging uses a very specialised camera along with real time computer analysis to capture snapshots of any physical entity under any conditions. A colour enhanced image is produced which has a full temperature scale. This image shows any hotspots in the area to be analysed. We will then produce a thorough and comprehensive report. The report aligns the thermal image beside a digital photograph of the area to best observe any potential problems. Any issues will be identified, along with suitable solutions.

It is fast becoming an insurance requirement across the industry. This used to be very expensive, but recent advancements in technology means this has become more affordable across all facets of industry. And the benefits far outweigh the costs of the report.

Some of the reasons you should consider calling us to discuss a Thermal Imaging Survey are:

  • Insurance requirements
  • Cost effective and proven
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Motor & pump bearing problems
  • Motor winding problems
  • Hot fuses or switchgear
  • Building heat loss issues
  • Electrical troubleshooting

Contact us now to find out more

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Rest at ease, knowing you’re protecting what counts.

We have a world of experience in the latest residential and commercial fire systems.

From installation of specialist heat sensing fire alarms, smoke alarms to emergency lighting and signs for all situations, we have it all.

With experienced qualified IQP personal and installation technicians you can trust, a range of options to suit all environments and personal requirements as well as professional links to New Zealand’s fire safety sector, we have you covered.

Trust the fire alarm and detection specialists at The Énergy Group to analyse your home or business and integrate the right alarm and detection elements into your fire protection system for a complete, comprehensive fire safety solution.

Fire & Emergency Lighting Services

  • Emergency Lighting
  • Emergency Back-Up
  • Emergency Signs
  • Smoke detectors
  • Heat detectors
  • Fire alarms
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Electrical testing of equipment and batteries
  • Scheduled servicing
  • Additions and Up-Grades

Contact us now with your enquiry

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Digital Signs

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Advertise in Wanganui with Digital Displays

The D-MAX NZ is proud to have the support of The énergie group in bringing the latest in high definition digital signage to the New Zealand market.

  • Retail Advertising Signs (eg menus, upcoming specials etc…)
  • Digital Billboards
  • Hi Definition, Easy to Use, Hi Impact
  • Touch Screen Info Stations
  • Full set-up support

Contact Us Here to Enquire

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As the biggest installer of Fujitsu Heatpumps in the Wanganui region as well as installing other popular brands of heatpumps, we offer prices you won’t find anywhere else.

Individually designed home & office comfort solutions.

At The Énergy Group we specialise in Heat Pump installations and up-grades and that’s why we are Wanganui’s leading Fujitsu Accredited Installers and the ONLY locally-based Heat Pump Group of New Zealand (HPG) member.

To get the most out of a heat pump, it’s really important to choose the right one for your individual space and use it properly.

Let our experienced in-house Heat Pump consultant and refrigeration engineer provide you with the best advice on your Heat Pump options.

Contact us here
to arrange a free quote or book in a heatpump service or call 0800 82 00 30

Heat pump servicing gives peace of mind and assurance that your heat pump system is running efficiently. Find out more.
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