Phone & Data

Keep up to speed with the latest technologies, build a solid phone & data infrastructure.

Thinking about installing, up-grading, moving or adding-on to your phone and data system?


Whether it’s securing a competitive business environment, surfing the internet, or enjoying the latest online games, a dependable network is a critical foundation for every business or home.

Technologies are changing rapidly. Building a solid infrastructure to support all of these technologies insures your business won’t stop in it’s tracks.

We can carry out all maintenance on internal phone and data cabling systems and install data and phone points in existing and new homes and offices. Keep your home or office cables up to speed by getting your internal phone and data cables tested by Phillips Electrical.

With Belden Networking Certified Installers that have extensive experience, knowledge and skill in the maintenance and installation of telecommunications products and services as well as being equiped with industry standard tools, Phillips Electrical has your phone and data needs covered.

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