Ecogreen is the online store for Ecogreen products in New Zealand. D-MAX New Zealand Limited trading as Ecogreen and are the only authorised agents for Ecogreen products here in New Zealand and The Énergy Group is proud to be affiliated with Ecogreen.

The Énergy Group & D-MAX NZ supplies Ecogreen products to not only industrial entities around New Zealand, dairy farms, commercial cleaning companies, hotels, motels & camp grounds, but also to smaller businesses, offices as well as our many domestic customers.

We research the impact our products have had for our customers here in New Zealand in reaching consent targets set my local councils and look forward to having many more great success stories in support of Ecogreen products both in commercial use as well as for domestic use.

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P: 0800 000 245

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Ecogreen products have been developed and are made by Environmental Technologies Group Pty Limited (ETG). With their own laboratory and Research & Development team based in their Melbourne Head Office facility, ETG are committed to the ongoing development of their unique Ecogreen product range. Based on ETG’s exclusive Bio-Technology, their products harness the power of beneficial bacteria, plant extracts and natural anti-bacterial agents to expedite the natural cycles of sanitisation, odour control and waste water remediation. The result is a long-lasting, exceptionally hygienic and safe environment.


Free of harsh chemicals and acids, Environmental Technologies Group’s (ETG) products are non-toxic and non-caustic, making them a totally safe solution in any environment. Developing products that provide positive environmental outcomes is the key driver behind ETG product development and will always be the major focus of the business. ETG’s range of biological products uses naturally beneficial bacterial strains to accelerate a natural process. ETG does this by dosing highly concentrated quantities of bacteria to speed up the remediation cycle. The process is safe and provides a quality solution with an environmentally beneficial outcome. Environmental Technologies Group (ETG) has attained accreditation to the International Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001.


Environmental Technologies Group’s (ETG) products have proven successful in the commercial market for many years. The fact that ETG researches, develops and manufactures all products in our range enables ETG to not only extensively control the quality of our products, but also enables them to provide comprehensive information on specific issues faced by customers. Consistently providing a high quality product is important to ETG and for that reason they are proud to be ISO 9001 Accredited. From production, to packaging, to delivery, ETG has quality control measures in place to ensure that their products they provide are always of the highest standard. This ensures that in every situation, ETG provides the perfect solution.